Without livability measures such as affordable housing, access to transportation throughout the region, a walkable and bikeable  community, up to date schools, recreational facilities, parks and trails, as well as good paying jobs, Squamish becomes a hub on a commute to Vancouver. It is the role of municipal government to ensure that measures are taken to grow Squamish in a way that livability is enhanced and enriched.

Good jobs and more rental housing, more park space, new schools, recreational facilities, and regional transport to meet the needs of a growing community are possible.

Squamish currently ranks third in the province for best cities to live and 49th out of 415 cities in the county, according to Money Sense Magazine as reported in the Squamish Chief.

Squamish is a great and I’d like to keep it that way as well as make it a better place to live, for everyone. Can workers find a place to live here? Can we provide new and updated community facilities to those moving here? Can we keep our residents safe with sufficient fire and emergency services? I believe there can can be if Squamish council makes sure that happens. And I intend to

photo credit from Squamish chief article link

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