Everyone knows some of the major issues of this campaign are:

Housing; rental housing availability, affordable housing,

Transit; finding a regional transit provider, cost of gas to comunte

Development;  Community Amenity Contributions and pace of growth

Jobs; needed for Squamish to have a diversified tax base and a whole community, not just a hub of Vancouver

Resource Developments; WFLG

Large Regional Developments; GAS

Some smaller issues should also not be forgotten as they are at the heart of what a district or other municipal government does:

Garbage bins; bears are being euthanized because people aren’t locking their bins.

Waste on trails;  increase in waste on trails to the point where some are being close in Whistler, human excrement on trails

Not enough dog off leash areas

Environmental Incentive;

For new construction, Electric Car charging stations, Biofuel and electric buses

Please go to the pull down menu or click on the links (soon) to provide my position on these issues.

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