Garibaldi at Squamish

brohm ridge

Many people think this is a contentious issue. I think it’s simple, because a process exists to ensure Squamish decides: a referendum.

If 10% of Squamish residents or the council choose we can go to a referendum, and then it will be up to Garibaldi at Squamish to convince enough people through their community supports and business model that this is what we want for Brohm Ridge. I support a referendum on GAS

I would like to ensure we don’t make the mistakes of Whistler, and ensure there is adequate staff housing mandated as part of the project, regional and shuttle transit contributed and guaranteed. We must ensure that we will never need a food bank to support GAS workers like in Whistler, and there is enough rental housing in Squamish to support it, that will not just be short term rentals.

I have serious concerns about sewer and water infrastructure, environmental impact, hospital capacity and emergency response and fire stations to support a project of this scope. This burden can not be passed on to the District, when we are already grappling with a $40 million to $100 million infrastructure deficit.

If the project goes ahead CAC’s should be significant, such as building a new Brennan Park, new fire halls, and contributing to roads and sewers, not just the ones leading to the development, as it increases impact on the entirety of Squamish infrastructure.

I would also like to see guarantees of significant, good administrative jobs for the Squamish Nation, and profit sharing much like in Osoyoos. This should be transformative legacy project for the Squamish Nation, not just a payout. This of course is the Squamish Nation’s jurisdiction but I would like to see a referendum of the Squamish Nation as well, for this project to proceed.

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