Choice for Mayor

Susan Chapelle (cv),is a two-term Squamish Councillor for the past 7 years, local businesswoman, outdoor recreation enthusiast, classical musician, hockey-playing mom, union stage hand, health care and sexual assault advocate, with an MBA focusing on  Community Development.  She is passionate about her beliefs and lives them. Susan has a vision for an inclusive, economically diverse, sustainable Squamish where we can all afford to live and have a business; and she is willing to stand up and fight for that Vision.

Susan applauds the significant accomplishments of our current council, while still championing that we can do better:

Susan has a plan for creating a Local Housing Authority to address affordable housing needs in Squamish, arguably our most critical need.  She has worked with the provincial government on bringing health initiatives to Squamish and will direct that same passion to ensuring social housing gets long term funding. She is willing to mandate commercial and industrial lands are protected with zoning requirements,  preserving and creating a diversified tax base. This will relieve the tax burden on residential properties while bringing jobs to Squamish. With improved transportation access and infrastructure as one of her main platforms and joint accomplishment with the current council, she is best positioned to champion a regional transit solution to support workers and ensure vulnerable populations have a safe means of travel. She will ensure Community Amenity Contributions are at a level that sustains infrastructure needs for the entire district.

You can either let change happen, or ensure change happens in a manner that benefits and improves the entire community! 

Squamish has been, and will be, pushed over by big developers and big business, unless we stand up for what is needed for this community with a vision for OUR future. I appreciate all of the numerous policies and decisions the current council has worked through. However, we can do better. We have given in too much and given away too much for too little in return.  We can’t stop development, but we can ensure it happens in a way that contributes enough to our community, to keep it functioning, whole and sustainable for everyone, now and into the future.

It is not steady times. It is not traditional times.  There are numerous stakeholder groups, including the vulnerable and marginalized, that need a strong voice now. And I believe that voice is Susan Chapelle.

Thank-You for your continued support and consideration. Sacha Fabry




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