Campaign Promise

I promise, to bring “The Right to Wind in Your Hair” to Squamish as Your Squamish Councilor. Not only are we named after “the Mother of the Wind”, we are the “Outdoor capital of Canada.”  How can we not make this happen to increase livability all our residents.

During this campaign, people have promised a lot of things. Many people have asked what we can do as a council to improve their lives. Some of these things will take co-ordination at multiple levels of government, such as regional transit.

I can’t personally promise to give you money, or to fund large programs. I can tell you, I will dedicate myself to working towards larger, long term social infrastructure needs, such as housing, recreation, a new Brennan Park, and other Livability measures.

I can however, make one simple campaign promise. If I am elected Your Squamish Councilor, I will bring Cycling Without Age  to Squamish. As a community, we can afford 6 rickshaw bikes for this program, perhaps more with support from business and local recreation groups.  As the “Outdoor Capital of Canada”, doesn’t every Squamish elder have the “Right to Wind in Your Hair”?

We can do this Squamish! We can improve Livability, foster community and connections between people, increase recreation opportunities for people of all ages, and get out and have some fun at the same time. Join me and let’s bring Cycling Without Age Canada  to Squamish. There are already 16 Chapters in Canada, 3 in BC; Nelson, Victoria, and Sydney. Alberta has 4. Let’s do this Squamish and be that 4th Chapter in BC.

The Scottish Parliament has promoted this program for the entire country. “The team behind an innovative scheme, Cycling Without Age, which helps older people benefit from cycling is to receive additional Scottish Government support. A Pilot project running in Falkirk is currently benefitting from £36,000 from the  Scottish Government and the European Social Fund.” This can be done by municipal government.

See all the videos at the bottom of their homepage for inspiration, including the one below, and join me in bringing Cycling Without Age to Squamish as Your Squamish Councilor. That is my campaign promise.

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