Wood Fibre LNG

Understanding that WLNG is a Provincial and Federal jurisdiction, there is only so much at a Municipal level, that we have authority over.

We currently have no representation at the negotiating table and without District representation advocating for the best interest of Squamish, we will assume all the risk but gain none of the benefit through negotiated community supports.

My plan:

  • Ensure that Squamish council has representation at every meeting between WLNG and other government stakeholders.
  • Advocate about the continued safety concerns surrounding the project.
  • If the project does go forward, ensure that we are receiving appropriate tax revenue. (Evaluated at above $7 Million, while currently only $2 Million is being offered)

Sustainability is top priority, this includes sustainability of our environment and sustainability of our aging infrastructure. A worst case scenario is for this resource development to be approved by the Provincial and Federal regulators, Squamish assumes all the burden and most of the safety risk, and the community receives next to nothing in compensation. We do not have regulatory authority over this project but the voice of Squamish needs to be at that table.

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