Waste on Trails

Human waste on our trails is unacceptable. This can and should be addressed!

The Vancouver Parks Board has had to increase outhouse availability in Vancouver Parks due to human waste.

Let’s look at more park spaces and infrastructure (outhouses), in Squamish for climbers and hikers traveling through, as well as up-to-date bylaw policies and enforcement to sustain our sensitive spaces and environment. Human waste is a serious health hazard that needs to be addressed.

Waste from camping and other activities has become so bad in Whistler the municipality has had to hire private contractors 50 North, 4 times this year to carry away 450 tons of garbage, including medicine and hygiene products, and is considering closing trails as a result. There are stories of individual hikers carrying out 40 pounds of waste from trails.

As a District, we need to step up by-law enforcement as well as partner with the Conservation Officer Service and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO)—who are responsible for enforcement on Crown land to seek a solution.  We could also address the issue and look for solutions offered by those already using and managing the trails such as SORCA and ACCESS.

Looking forward to the debates held by SORCA and ACCESS to hear some more solutions to this growing issue in Squamish and the entire Sea to Sky region.


photo by 50 North



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