Corinne Lonsdale: perspectives from time on council and in the Mayor’s seat.

Amazing meeting with Corinne today!

Really appreciated her perspectives on how to keep the community engaged and in mind when on council.


  • Make sure to call people and to still occasionally door knock, even after elected – so that you are constantly engaging with people on what’s important TO THEM not just what’s before council.
  • Plan for the long term benefit of the community, not just to address short term needs – balance both!
  • Keep the needs of seniors in mind.
  • Do your best to make Squamish a cradle to grave community – help put in place amenities that support people for their whole lives.
  • Do your best to work with everyone – find out what you agree on with the other candidates for council and Mayor and focus on that.

Thank you so much for you support and insights Corinne! Looking forward to talking more.

Every Voice Counts


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