Squamish Senior’s Center Society Board of Directors

Honestly one of my favorite meetings so far. at the beginning of the summer I reached out to the Squamish Senior’s Center Society Board of Directors because I wanted to hear directly from them what they see as important to senior citizens and Squamish as a whole. As they weren’t meeting much over the summer we managed to connect a few weeks ago.

We touched on a huge range of issues.

For those particular to seniors I heard:

  • Support for seniors through meaningful dialogue before decisions are made, not after,
  • The proposed building at 38275 Third ave,
  • Mixed development downtown and across the board that sees more condos for seniors,
  • Two way dialogue between the District, and
  • Of course better amenities at the Senior’s Center.

Squamish as a whole we discussed:

  • Less wasteful spending,
  • Burdens of property taxes,
  • Over crowded trails,
  • Garibaldi at Squamish,
  • Need for good paying jobs,
  • More child care,
  • Infrastructure investment,
  • Protecting the environment,
  • Greater public parking,
  • Improved facilities,
  • More amenity contributions,
  • Improved government efficiency,
  • Access to transportation, and
  • Well thought out longterm planning.

So the shorter question is… what didn’t we talk about? 🙂

Thank you so much again to the Squamish Senior’s Center Society Board of Directors for talking with me, I’d be happy to do so again anytime.

Every Voice Counts

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