Lunch with Tsawaysia :)

This one is from a few weeks back. The photo was clearly before the haircut.

Really lovely lunch with Tsawaysia, asking what’s important for the District of Squamish over the next four years and what she hopes to see in the people running.

She’s told me that she’s looking for people focused on Equality, Accountability and Willingness to work meaningfully with First Nations.

The councillors should have an open-mind and work hard to continually improve their awareness of Squamish’s history and the history of First Nations.

She’s also served on the Squamish Art’s Council and wants to see good partnerships with that organization and to see more First Nations art come forward.

I’ll do my utmost to keep everything you’ve said in mind. I’d love to meet again and hopefully meet with other First Nations leaders soon. 🙂

Thank you Tsawaysia, help me add anything else if I’ve forgotten. ❤

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