Presentation: Garibaldi at Squamish

Interesting presentation for the Garibaldi at Squamish project. I’ve seen them speak to committee and council a few times but was glad to have a few clarifying questions asked.

My main questions “Which governing authority would you prefer to see the land under?” and “If the District of Squamish is to take over the land, what would the boundary extension process look like?”

Answers: The G.A.S team would 100% prefer the District of Squamish take over the governance of the land and the boundary extension process would be to: first have either the Council or 10% of Squamish residents vote to go to referendum, have the SLRD amend their regional growth strategy, (if referendum is successful) input a master agreement and finally send everything off to the Province for approval. Estimated 2 year timeframe.  So it seems that no matter what, for this project to go forward, Squamish residents will have their voices heard with a referendum.

A good friend of mine, Nicole Fontaine (seen in picture below doing the “peace sign”), asked a great question on employment roadblocks and what designated housing for employees would look like. It is very difficult to attract and retain good employees so alleviating their housing concerns is a must. Apparently over 2000 units for staff.

Lots more to discuss on this very important issue. I’d love to hear what you think! Please feel free to message on facebook, contact by phone, or send an e-mail to

Every Voice Counts.



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